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What is a Sex Offender?

A sex offender is any person who resides, works or attends an institution of higher learning in the Commonwealth and who has been convicted of a sex offense, or who has been adjudicated as a youthful offender or as a delinquent juvenile by reason of a sex offense, or a person released from incarceration or parole or probation supervision or custody with the department of youth services for such a conviction or adjudication, or a person who has been adjudicated a sexually dangerous person or a person released from civil commitment on or after August 1, 1981.

Classifications of Sex Offenders

Sex offenders will be classified by the Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) according to the degree of dangerousness they pose to the public and their likelihood for re-offense. An offender's classification will be:

  • Level 1 or "low risk" offender.  Police are notified if an offender lives in the community, but the information is not made public.
  • a Level 2 or "moderate risk" offender.  Information on Level-2 offenders is available to the public through the police department and through the SORB.
  • Level 3 or "high risk" offender.  Information on Level-3 offenders is available to the public through the police department and through the SORB.

Obtaining Information on Sex Offenders

Any member of the public who is at least 18 years of age or older may request sex offender information. The information will be provided to any person who is seeking the information for his/her own protection or for the protection of a child under the age of 18 or for the protection of another person whom the requesting person has responsibility, care, or custody.
You may request sex offender information at Local Police Departments or through the Sex Offender Registry Board directly.

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Malden Level-3 Sex Offenders

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Updated: 08/29/2016

These individuals are NOT WANTED by the police



Amirault, Gerald Parisi, Christopher Mondou, Roland Celestin, Pierre


Carr, William Ferriabough, Lucien Giacalone, David Rose, George

Reaves, Ronald Kelliher, William Laliberte, William Lund, George
Skidgel, Ronald Earl Paulsen, Gary Plavetsky, John Rose, Thomas


Martinez, Eliezer Brown, Timothy Daniel, Giles  
  LEVEL 2    
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