MPD History

The earliest record for the official duty of protecting the lives and property of the inhabitants of Malden can be traced to the year 1651 with the appointment of Richard Adams as the first constable.  As the years progressed a system of constables and watchmen was utilized to provide public safety.  In the 1870's the need for an organized police force was recognized.  This resulted in the appointment of the first police chief and adoption of an official uniform.  Over the years, the police department has grown and adapted to the changes in society.  It continues to maintain a proud tradition of dedicated service.  Three members have heroically given their lives in the line of duty while confronting armed criminals: Watchman David Faulkner, Officer Isaiah McLain, and Officer Edward Callahan.  Please visit the MPD Memorial Page for more on these individuals. 

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History of the MPD Patch

The Malden Police Department's shoulder patch contains the official seal of the City of Malden.  The official seal is contained within a circle bearing at the top "Malden" and below "settled 1640, Town 1649, City 1882."  At the crest there is an open Bible.  There is an azure colored shield containing three lions passant reguardant adapted from the royal arms of Maldon, County Essex, England.  The lions recall the fact that Maldon was a Royal Borough.  For supporters, situated on the right is an oak branch representing strength and independence.  On the left is an olive branch as a symbol of peace.  Below the base of the shield is the word "Mystic Side."  In 1638, all the territory eight miles north of the Mystic River, including what later became Malden, was known as Mystic Side.






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