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The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is comprised of the General Crimes Section, Family Services Unit, Gang Unit, Drug Unit, Evidence Section, Prosecutor's Office, and Crime Prevention Unit.  Under the command of Captain John Amirault, CID is made up of 2 Lieutenants, 4 Sergeants, and 12 Officers.  Members of this division receive additional specialized training in order to prepare them for the specific types of investigations they are responsible for.   Examples of this training include fingerprinting, crime scene photography, interview & interrogation techniques, and evidence collection.

General Crimes Section

Detectives assigned to this unit investigate cases of homicide, robbery, arson, serious assaults, burglaries, larcenies, fraud, and sexual assault.  These investigations are often time consuming, demanding and challenging.  Detectives work closely with many other agencies including the Malden Fire Investigation Unit, Department of Children and Families, Middlesex District Attorney's Office, and State Police Crime Prevention and Control Unit.

Family Services Unit

The Family Services Unit is responsible for investigating and following up on cases involving the elderly, domestic violence, and juvenile issues.  The unit is comprised of detectives and school resource officers.  Please visit the resources page for information on domestic violence prevention and services, elder & child neglect and abuse, and youth violence prevention.

Gang Unit

The Gang Unit's main purpose is to identify and combat gang activity and youth violence within the City of Malden.  Members of this unit work closely with the Department of Youth Services, Juvenile Probation, and Teen Challenge to monitor and intervene in the lives of at-risk youth.  Malden gang officers are part of the Metro Gang Task Force, which is made up of officers from several local communities as well as the Mass. State Police, Transit Police, and Immigration & Customs Enforcement.  Working in a multi-jurisdictional unit such as this enables Malden officers to exchange information with officers from other agencies about offenders, gang activity, and crime trends.  Please visit the resources page for information on youth services.

Drug Unit

This unit consists of specially trained members of the Malden Police Department.  The drug unit is responsible for conducting the majority of drug related investigations, including those involving the   trafficking, distribution and manufacturing of controlled substances such as heroin, cocaine, and oxycontin.  Drug unit members can also provide assistance to individuals with substance abuse problems.  Tips concerning drug activity and requests for assistance can be forwarded to the drug unit by calling the drug tip line at 781-322-1300 or by submitting an electronic tip, both of which can be anonymous.

Crime Prevention Unit

The primary focus of the crime prevention unit is to address quality of life issues within the City of Malden.  Members of this unit participate in community events in order to better educate the public on ways to protect themselves and their property from criminal activity.  The unit works closely with several city agencies such as the Housing Authority, Code Enforcement and Board of Health and also participates in initiatives sponsored by Healthy Malden and the Mayor's Problem Properties Unit.  Partnership with agencies such as these is key to addressing quality of life issues within the City.  Please visit the resources page for tips on crime prevention.




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