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Public Advisory - Threats Scam

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Malden PD has recently seen an increase in many types of fraud related reports. Most recently, MPD received a report about what was described as “Gang members” trying to elicit money from people by using their personal information to threaten them, leading the person to believe “they know where you and/or your family reside.” The subject(s) attempting to extort money, are using personal information they obtain from social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and “fringe” chat apps (i.e. “Meet Me,” “WhatsApp,” etc.). Info is obtained when the suspects portray themselves as a friend of the opposite sex.  This is occurring in other cities as well.

In this new “Threats Scam,” the suspect(s) obtain your telephone number and ultimately threaten to “kill or harm you and/or your family members” if money is not sent to them. They may send photos of what appears to be dismembered bodies, in an effort to make you believe they mean business. Suspects are extremely aggressive and threatening.

Members of the public are strongly encouraged not to engage with unknown people over the internet, particularly if it involves giving out personal information about you and/or your family.

Listed below are some images that you may see: